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MEA Hosts 3-Day Capacity Building Workshop on Investment Treaty Arbitration

Several experts from around the world participated in a three-day capacity-building workshop on investment treaty arbitration organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the arbitration cell of the Ministry and the Court Permanent Arbitration in The Hague. The workshop was organized from June 13 to 15, 2022 in hybrid mode. The training program saw the enthusiastic participation of more than 200 officers from central government and state governments, including the participation of officers from Indian missions abroad, the MEA press release read.

The training program was inaugurated by Supreme Court Justice Dr. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud in the presence of renowned jurist and senior lawyer Fali S Nariman and the farewell session was delivered by the Minister of State for External Affairs , Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh and Fali S Nariman. In the inaugural session, Justice Chandrachud spoke about the need to build capacity in this niche of the law and also spoke about the inconsistency and other issues facing the current ISDS system.

He also spoke about the work of UNCITRAL Working Group III on ISDS reforms and noted that some of the experts from the training program and the MEA were active in the deliberations of the UNCITRAL Working Group. He also stressed the need to tap into top talent. He also welcomed the progress made in the implementation of the APC-India Host Country Agreement.

Secretary (Economic Relations) Dammu Ravi mentioned the establishment of the Arbitration Cell at the MEA, which would be used as a repository of knowledge on investment treaties and arbitration and build expertise in the field, added the press release. He also noted the progress made in the implementation of the Host Country Agreement between India and the PCA regarding the hosting of a courtroom and PCA offices in Delhi.

The three-day training program brought together experts from around the world who are leading lawyers in the field of investment treaty arbitration, taking participants through the various aspects relating to investment treaty arbitrations. The training began by introducing participants to the basics of investment treaties and giving them a global perspective, followed by training on India’s involvement in investment treaty arbitrations.

Over the course of three days, various aspects relating to investment treaty arbitrations such as jurisdictional issues, PCA functions, substantive protections, defenses in investment treaty arbitration and the post- arbitral disputes of awards and enforcement of arbitral awards were covered, the statement said. MoS’s Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, during his farewell address, congratulated Marcin Czepelak, the new APC Secretary General, read the statement.

He mentioned how institutions such as the APC played a central role in ensuring the maintenance of peace between nations, through the civilized and principled settlement of disputes. He also said that he hoped that this training program would be extremely productive and useful not only for the participants, but for the Indian government as a whole, and that the participants would come back, reflect and deliberate on how they could derive the best use of knowledge. acquired from experts to serve the national interest

Md Noor Rahman Sheikh, Joint Secretary (Economic Diplomacy) at the Ministry of External Affairs, summarized the course of the training program and thanked the APC for its efforts in coordinating and helping to organize the workshop intellectually stimulated and welcomed. (ANI)

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