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mangaluru: The police will organize a workshop for aspirants to the competitions | Mangaluru News

Mangaluru: As part of the Janasnehi Police initiative, the Mangaluru City Police will hold a workshop on Saturday, for aspirants who wish to attempt various competitions. The workshop aimed at building trust and imparting knowledge on competitive preparation, will be held at Kudmul Ranga Rao town hall in the city, from 1pm to 5pm.
Mangaluru City Commissioner of Police, N Shashi Kumar, said the initiative was taken to ensure that more educated youngsters in the coastal district compete for competitive examinations and enter government services. “We have noticed that educated young people in the coastal region do not show any interest in taking the exams. We gleaned it from our visit to various educational campuses as part of the Janasnehi initiative. Students lack awareness, guidance and guidance, and many applicants also lack sufficient knowledge on how to prepare for competitions. The students requested that an awareness workshop be conducted by the municipal police. Therefore, we decided to hold this workshop for educated young people from the region,” said the Commissioner.
Officials, who have been selected through the UPSC within the police department, and experts from various other departments will give presentations as resource persons at the workshop, he said. . “Resource people will guide aspirants on various contest-related topics and will also provide them with books to help them prepare. Students taking PU, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and those who have completed their studies, will be allowed to participate in the workshop,” the commissioner said.