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Mangaluru: Father Muller Medical College organizes a workshop on ‘Therapeutic Taping

Press release

Mangaluru, June 10: The Department of Physical Therapy at Father Muller Medical College is hosting a two-day hands-on ‘Therapeutic Taping’ workshop in the Muller Mini Hall (Father Muller Convention Center) on June 10-11 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The resource person for this workshop will be Dr. Syed Rais Rizvi, Director, Institute of Manual Therapy and Taping, Dharwad, Karnataka. 70 undergraduate and postgraduate student delegates registered for this workshop from various physiotherapy colleges in Mangalore.

Therapeutic bandage is a tool used by rehabilitation specialists in all programs (pediatric, geriatric, orthopedic, neurological, oncological and other) and levels of care (acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, ambulatory care, home care and day rehabilitation) in the management of pain, soft tissue injury, tissue and joint misalignment, edema.

Taping is commonly used as a backup or temporary technique. Athletes often use bandaging as a protective mechanism in the presence of an existing injury. Some of the goals of bandaging are to restrict movement of injured joints, soft tissue compression to reduce swelling, support anatomical structures, and protect against re-injury. The bandage is used as one of the means of rehabilitation or prophylaxis in cases where support and stability are necessary, as a first aid tool, for the prevention of injuries and the protection of an injured anatomical structure during healing .

The inaugural program began with a welcome by Professor Cherishma D’Sliva, coordinator of the physiotherapy course, who also presented the biographical sketch of the main guest.

Dr. Syed Rais Rizvi, who has been a regular resource person for Father Muller, was delighted with the large number of delegates at the workshop. The impetus to improve skills and learning is always the beauty of Father Muller’s leadership. More gratifying is the fact that the faculty encourages skill-enhancing activities for their students and as a result many of the workshops he had previously held here saw the physiotherapist practice taping all over the world.

Father Richard Aloysius Coelho, director of the FMCI, in his presidential address, was amazed at the achievements and certification of various universities around the world that the main guest has obtained. It should be your zeal to learn from the best and excel even higher, it was acclaimed by students. Sports medicine is gaining in importance and the role of the physiotherapist is seen as crucial for players. Social media addictions have led to a decrease in physical activities leading to muscle, bone and ligament problems in many people. The very essence of every human being is to keep physically, mentally and spiritually fit. He recounted his own experience with kinesiology, where he was treated for a badminton-related knee injury 6 months ago. Kinesiology helped by strengthening the ligaments and muscles around the knee, facilitating better mobility. He urged students to learn and in turn benefit society from such non-invasive therapy.

Father Ajith Menezes, administrator, FMMC; Dr. Antony Sylvan D’souza, Dean, FMMC Members of the Physiotherapy Department Executive Committee and faculty graced the inauguration. The inauguration was hosted by Reshell Fernandes and Jaya P, Organizing Secretary, delivered the vote of thanks.