Workshop course

Mana Tiaki Ngatangiia will lead the caregivers workshop

Maine Beniamina, head of the community rehabilitation service at Te Vaerua, at a workshop for caregivers in Avarua earlier this month. 21111611

Learning how to better care for elderly patients or their family members will be the focus of a training workshop in Ngatangiia tomorrow.

The training workshop is a joint initiative between trainers and professionals from Te Vaerua and the community organization Mana Tiaki Ngatangiia.

Mana Tiaki’s secretary Nana Short said she was inspired to organize a collaborative workshop with Te Vaerua after participating in a similar program at Avarua.

“I thought it would be very useful for the training workshop to take place in our community of Ngatangiia, but those who live in Takitumu and who think they could benefit from this type of training are encouraged to attend.

She said the workshop will be interactive and there will be individual training “so only 25 places are available on a first to register first to have a confirmed place”.

Short added that it will be an opportunity for caregivers to network and share their experiences with others in the community.

“If they want, everyone can share what works best for them in terms of caring for their elderly or disabled clients or family members, learn from each other and of course learn great skills and get valuable information from Te professionals. Vaerua.

Vaerua’s occupational therapist Kelly Pick and Short was on local radio last Thursday to talk about the training workshop and the benefits it will bring to those caring for elderly family members or having clients with disabilities .

Mana Tiaki Ngatangiia thanks Te Vaerua for his willingness to collaborate on the training initiative and to do it at his own pace.

The training will take place at the Ngatangiia Sunday School hall between 4.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m.

The program will include:

Program 1. Presentation by Pare

– Safe transfer and manual handling of patient / client or elderly

– Fall prevention exercises

– Back management of chronic pain and sciatica.

Program 2. Presentation by Kelly Pick

– Use of assisted equipment or mobility

for example wheelchairs, kermodes and walkers.

Program 3. Presentation by Maine Beniamina

– Nursing care relating to the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Those wishing to register for the workshop are asked to contact Nana Short on 71753 as soon as possible.