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LeAnn Phelan will host a free five-day songwriting workshop this week

Music industry veteran LeAnn Phelan will lead a free five-day LP creative therapy workshop for songwriters. These one-hour Zoom workshops will take place at 5:30 p.m. from September 12-16, with replays available.

Phelan has had a passion for developing songwriters for the past 25 years, serving in A&R at Sony Records, as co-head of creative at ASCAP and as owner of LP Creative MGMT. However, during the COVID pandemic, she launched an additional initiative called LP Creative Therapy Workshops.

Two years later, having featured over 65 industry guests and reached over 200 songwriters, Phelan will celebrate the 10th LP Creative Therapy Workshop with this upcoming five-day stint. Topics and tools covered in Phelan’s workshop will include sessions titled: 5 C’s of the Creative Journey, 4 Steps Closer to an Ad Deal, 3 Essential Writer’s Room Tools, 2 Best Writer’s Tips- legendary songwriters and 1 guaranteed way to gain Momentum in your songwriting journey. An additional 8-week online course will be available for those wishing to dive deeper.

“In addition to being live and held individually for each group, LP Creative Therapy Workshop provides training for songwriters regarding the business around their creativity. We learn from publishers, managers, attorneys, successful songwriters, and newly signed songwriters,” notes Phelan. “I get to know the people who show up and curate the experience based on their interests. Basically, I give them what they want and add what I know they need.

Upcoming workshops are open to everyone, including songwriters around the world, and are not genre-specific. To register for the LP Creative Therapy Workshop, click here.

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