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The Coaching School is an immersive 6-month online course, which trains women to strengthen their gifts of sustaining, healing, coaching and facilitating transformation. Full story

As the founder of Rivka Malka’s school of coaching and transformation, a unique online blend of a personal development experience and a coach education certification program, Rivka Malka Perlman has a special connection with Chabad women. She and her husband Bezalel have been close family friends of Rabbi Simon Jacobson for many decades. She spoke at the N’shei Chabad convention. What really made her realize how special Chabad women were was when she created the Geula Gathering a few years ago. She marveled at the purity of the Chabad women who were so eager to join in this Geula yearning. They didn’t need the Geula Gathering to connect to their deep desire for Geula, they were already living with that reality every day. Many groups of Chabad women came together, along with tens of thousands of other women around the world, on this most holy day of the Gathering of Geula. The coaching school has also hosted a number of very amazing Chabad women from many parts of the world. Rivka Malka has a very warm place in her heart for the holy, powerful, dedicated, passionate and special women of Chabad and rejoices in having the zechus/merit of having many more Chabad students and friends.

What is Rivka Malka Coaching and Transformation School? The Coaching School is an immersive 6-month online course, which trains women to strengthen their gifts of sustaining, healing, coaching and facilitating transformation. Their training is alive with self-discovery and exploration as they guide their coaches to serve others more compassionately and effectively.

They are in their 5th year and have certified hundreds of women around the world. Their graduates are among the best coaches of the moment! Their toolkit includes classic coaching techniques reinforced with Torah and Emuna frameworks, integrated through embodiment work, perspective work, integrated transcendence, healing through art, music, and more. .

Due to the incredible opportunity for growth, many women join even if they don’t plan on becoming a coach. Therefore, they now have 2 tracks: The personal development track and

The certification track. Go to for more details.

Registration for new students is only open TWICE a year.

Registration is now open! Training starts February 1, 2022.


The school is also in the application process to become ICF accredited. Although they cannot guarantee it, if they receive accreditation, participants will retroactively be considered to have attended an accredited school and may submit certification hours through the ICF.

Rivka Malka will give a FREE, live, workshop on inner leadership this Sunday, January 16 at 1:00 p.m. EST or 8:00 p.m. EST. She will share her secrets on how to navigate through our blocks and access our superpower. This workshop is fun, interactive and will HUGE impact on your daily choices! Go to to register.

Who is Rivka Malka Perlman?

Rivka Malka grew up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio as Klatzko (yes,’s Rabbi Benzion Klatzko is one of her brothers). His childhood home was known as the chessed house in Cleveland, a rich breeding ground for many people who later became great leaders, mechanchim, mekarvim, and Roshei Yeshiva. She was trained from an early age to serve Klal and bring people closer to Hashem. Wanting to know more, Rivka Malka went to the seminary in Gateshead, England, after finishing the 10th grade. After getting married, they left for Eretz Yisroel to live Kollel’s life for almost 5 years.

Rivka Malka founded the tichel movement in America by founding (and later selling) Wrapunzel. She also founded the Geula Gathering where tens of thousands of women gathered in song, joy and desire for Geula. She has held her redemption healing retreats all over the world. She also teaches Shalom Bayis and Intimacy classes for with her sister Devorah Boroosan.

Rivka Malka has tens of thousands of followers on Torahanytime, YouTube, Facebook and other social networks. She is an international speaker, with audiences ranging from women’s conventions in Kayravtuni and Belz, to Sinai Indaba in South Africa, to communities across North America.

In 2007, Rivka Malka had a near-death experience that opened her eyes to Hashem’s unconditional love. With her inner transformation came a realization: Healing our hearts is a necessity if we are to receive all that Hashem wants to give us. She has entirely devoted her passion to the work of women. Empowering women to embark on a healing journey towards their own magnificence is an integral part of her mission. More recently, Rivka Malka has devoted her strength to the School of Coaching and Transformation. Designed to empower women in their personal mission, it changes lives!

Its teachings are firmly rooted in the Torah and Yiras Shamayim (See the haskamos on

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime. Go to and register now. Training begins February 1.