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Jimin makes a bracelet in a jewelry workshop

BTS Vlog reaches week three and after V and J-Hope is our cute, charming and sexy Jimin! The eldest of the maknae line took us to share a new hobby he wanted to try: jewelry making. The idol is known for his love of beautiful accessories which is not hidden from anyone as he is sometimes seen sporting some very beautiful pieces which we all fall in love with. In this vlog, the artist takes on the task of creating one of her favorite accessories, a bracelet.

During the 24-minute video, Jimin shows off the entire bracelet-making process while sharing his thoughts in the captions. He starts by telling ARMYs where he’s going, then talks about his wisdom tooth which was recently removed which caused him to gain weight (not that we mind, I mean did you look at his pretty cheeks!) He soon runs out of words to say, but is saved when he reaches his destination.

Jimin is then seen talking to a professional about what he wants to do and is then taken to the workshop where he begins to show the viewers the different tools. The process starts soon and he comments the video in the subtitles. He comments how grateful he is to the person helping him as he continues to praise and encourage him even after breaking a few tools.

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As the process of making the bracelet continues, he talks about how much he misses the limbs as he usually does these activities with them. Especially J-Hope who always accompanies his role play. He also adds that it was a stress-busting activity that he really enjoyed and suggests fans try it as well.

Towards the end of the process, he regrets not having done more dynamic activities and is very grateful to ARMYs for always supporting them. He also adds that he has seen other members’ vlogs and finds his the most boring (so not true!). He then finishes his bracelets and displays them on his wrist.

In the bonus clip, he is seen making gaffes while adding messages of regret over his actions. It only adds to her cuteness and we love the vlog!

After V’s vlog filled with beautiful scenery, dentist visits and golf, and behind-the-scenes J-Hope from the Criminal fire music video, this slow and cute vlog once again stole the hearts of fans. BTS Jimin once again touched our hearts with his kindness and we love him!

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