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Induction heating wire forming workshop

Induction heating wire forming workshop
April 19, 2022

Following a trend towards induction wire heating, WAFIOS forming technology experts recently met with wire heating experts from HIMMELWERK GmbH in Wuppertal to discuss the benefits of wire heating.

WAFIOS explains that the trend of induction wire heating has recently greatly increased, especially in the forming of stainless steels, special alloys such as Inconel® and titanium materials. Over the past five years, WAFIOS Umformtechnik alone has equipped around 20 different cold moulders in different stages of expansion with induction heating – not only in Europe, but all over the world.

“The benefits of wire heating in close proximity to the forming impressed users,” comments WAFIOS. “These include an optimized material flow and therefore higher quality products, as well as an extended tool life – potentially even forming with fewer press steps is possible. The workshop allowed us to start what we hope will be an even closer cooperation with HIMMELWERK.

WAFIOS Umformtechnik will now emphasize the advantages of heating wire even more proactively. In addition to personal discussions with users, further marketing measures are also planned – so that everyone who uses quality machines from Wuppertal discovers the decisive advantages of induction wire heating.