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IMHANS organizes a training workshop on “child developmental disorders and disabilities”

IMHANS organizes a training workshop on “child developmental disorders and disabilities”

posted on September 11, 2022 | Author RK News

Srinagar, September 10: A five-day training workshop on “Disorders and Disabilities of Child Development” in collaboration with NIMHANS Bangalore is organized by IMHANS Kashmir.

The five-day training program which began September 8, 2022 is facilitated by NIMHANS resource persons including Dr. Shekhar Seshadari (NIMHANS Senior Professor – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and SAMVAD Advisor) and Dr. Harshani Manohar (NIMHANS psychiatrist).

The inaugural session of the program was attended by the leading government medical college of Srinagar-Dr. Samia Rashid, HOD IMHANS Dr Maqbool Dar, Senior Professor IMHANS Dr Arshid Hussain, Professor Dr Zaid Ahmad Wani Incharge CGWC, Dr Yasir Rather Incharge DDC.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Maqbool Dar (HOD IMHANS) who spoke about the brief history of psychiatry in Kashmir and highlighted the achievements of IMHANS Kashmir and the Guidance and Welfare Center of Kashmir. child (CGWC).

Dr. Samia Rashid (Principal of the GMC) deliberated on developmental disabilities and their impact on children and adolescents. She also congratulated everyone for their efforts to move forward this collaboration between NIMHANS and CGWC IMHANS for initiating such capacity building exercises.

The training program is focused on covering various child developmental disorders like autism, ADHD and learning disabilities in children and adolescents. The teaching methodology is based on interactive methods like role play, case vignette discussion and film discussion. The training program aims to empower participants to better understand and manage neurodevelopmental disorders.

The training program aims to train professionals such as psychiatrists, social workers, clinical psychologists and other therapists working in the disability sector such as remedial educators, occupational therapists and speech therapists. More than 50 professionals are sought to be qualified during the training program.

The program includes detailed analysis and discussion of topics such as assessment and interventions for children with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and its early intervention, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, specific learning disabilities, psychiatric comorbidities in children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Given the increasing incidence of these neurodevelopmental disorders in children/adolescents, it becomes imperative to develop the capacity for early intervention in a timely manner.