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IIT Roorkee hosts workshop with students to promote science and technology careers

IIT Roorkee hosted a two-day workshop on December 18-19, 2021 to motivate students to pursue careers in science and technology. The workshop was organized under the auspices of Vigyan Pradarshani by the Department of Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering at IIT Roorkee to commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

The workshop is part of the Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR) initiative developed by the Scientific and Technical Research Council (SERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST) with IIT Roorkee.

The objective of the Scientific Social Responsibility (RSS) initiative is to disseminate the benefits of research beyond the borders of direct beneficiaries, in particular to schools and colleges.

What happened at the IIT Roorkee workshop?

A total of 50 students from Motilal Nehru, Rai, Haryana Sports School, as well as two teachers participated in the workshop.

The workshop began with a welcoming speech from the head of the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, followed by lectures from the faculties and children’s interaction with IIT students on campus.

Presentation of students to different departments

Afterwards, the students accompanied by Professor Shailly Tomar and teachers visited the Technology Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development Society, the Bio-incubator, the Tinkering Lab and the laboratories of the department. Prof. Pravindra Kumar, Prof. Shailly Tomar, Prof. Jitin Singla, Prof. Pranita P Sarangi, Prof. Uaday Singh, Prof. Sudhir K Tiwari, Prof. Sudeb Dasgupta, Prof. Krishna Mohan Poluri, Prof. Harsh Chauhan, Prof. Partha Roy and academic researcher Jai Krishna, as well as the university researchers of these faculties, presented to the students the various technologies studied in the laboratories of various departments.

Motivate children for the future

Shedding light on the importance of the program Prof. Pravindra Kumar, Head of the Department of Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering informed schoolchildren about the 175 year old history of IIT Roorkee.

He explain that science and technology are highly interdisciplinary and in the future the progress of our country and humanity was in the hands of the present generation.

Professor Manish Shrikhande, Dean of Sponsored Research and Industry Council IIT Roorkee, said: “The seed of love for science and technology sown in the minds of children at an early age, results in producing great innovative thinkers in this field which is a most essential requirement for the progress of the country to modern times. “

“Workshops like this are great ways to introduce children to the wonderful world of science and technology and develop their approach to pursuing a career in this field,” he said.

What students have to say about the IIT Roorkee workshop

Sharing the experience of the workshop, Pranav Dhiman, a student in Class 10, said that this workshop will surely help him decide on the topics for Class 11.

Another student, Simrin, also in Class 10, became very moved after seeing the dedication and hard work of researchers and faculties in the workshop. She said she would do her best to join IIT as a student.

Another student, Nisha from MNSS Rai, became highly motivated after the interactive session at TIDES and said that she will have her own startup and employ IIT-ians in her business.

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