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IIAS to Host Workshop on Agribusiness – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

The International Institute of African Researchers (IISA) will organize on Thursday, April 7, 2022 a workshop on the transformation of agricultural products into secondary products.

The workshop, to be held at Immaculate Suites and Apartments, Wuse 2, Abuja, is themed: Value Chain Approach: Transformation of Agricultural Commodities into Pharmaceuticals and Foods.

A statement from the organizers signed by Dr. Chima Nwosu said the purpose of the workshop was to discuss agricultural activities and applied or applicable technologies. He added that if many people are involved in primary and secondary activities, productivity will increase.

He said that IIAS provides support to universities and scholars around the world in the areas of academic research, publications, consultancy and collaborations, and believes that higher education institutions have the opportunity to elevate standards for the benefit of humanity by adapting some of their research findings. into concrete solutions.

“The objective of the IIAS project group is to identify people involved in agricultural activities but who are unable to qualify for regular bank loans or financing. The goal is to help these people increase their productivity, market their products in well-designed channels, and expand participation.

“Some of the topics relate to the snail value chain and its link with the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, the processing of banana and plantain stalks for medicinal remedies, the coordination of agro-allied clusters along the value, expanding the cultivation and processing of vitamin A-rich cassava, making agriculture attractive to young Nigerians, examining agricultural practices and food security in Nigeria, integrating the agricultural value chain and supply chain across continental Africa,” the statement read.

The group said the workshop will be a hands-on affair that will explore the transformation of agricultural produce into secondary products and also address appropriate supply chain models in Nigerian states, neighboring countries and other regions. While the training is aimed at export readiness, expansion of the intrastate supply chain would benefit from greater latitude.

According to the press release, the workshop would be led by the best professionals and experts in the field.

“We rely on the knowledge of our members who have volunteered to participate in the efforts. The project department of IIAS is currently working with farmers, traders, warehouse owners, transporters, traders, digital merchants and advertisers to extend the supply chain across African countries. Over 700 people have signed up for our agricultural loan/grant pilot program. Some of them come from Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Guinea, Cameroon, South Africa and Togo. Our efforts are aimed at solving the problem of food security,” he noted.