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I Am Workshop – Central Queensland Today

I am workshop speakers. Photo provided.

by Nyree Johnson

On Saturday February 5 and supported by the Frenchville Sportsclub, two local Rocky dudes came together to create the inaugural I Am Workshop event.

With 95 attendees registered, it was a free community event for all ages and genders, with a diverse group of speakers to share their experiences, lessons and life learnings so far.

The workshop was designed by Project Blokes founder Jadiael Tekii in collaboration with Groom Barbershop owner Miguel Krzywdzinski.

With a passion for building people, Jadiael and Miguel worked to bring together a group of speakers who could share their stories of struggle, success, and the lessons they learned on this journey of life.

Sharing stories from their youth through parenthood, loss of a child, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, single parenthood, and relationship breakups, to name a few, the raw shares and emotional offerings gave audiences a sense of inclusion in a non-judgmental space and with the aim of ensuring that no one felt alone.

Six speakers prepared the scene, including Jadiael and Miguel.

Other speakers included Elizabeth Hood of Elite Real Estate, Brandt Cogill of Fitzroy Martial Arts, Sam Hill of Coffey Testing and Nyree Johnson of Johnson’s 4WD Repair Shop and Johnson’s Mobile Mechanical.

Each with their own unique set of circumstances that shaped them into the people they are today and brought together by a passion to help others and be of service.

After sharing their stories, a panel discussion was moderated at the end of the evening, allowing the audience to ask questions, dig a little deeper into what they heard, and hear each person’s point of view. on a range of topics, including but not limited to, self-motivation, goal setting, clarity, personal development, grief, addiction, starting a business, and leadership.

The Project Blokes team is looking to host more of these workshops in the coming months. If you want to know more, head over to the Project Blokes Facebook or Instagram page.

With a passion for creating a safe space for men and raising mental health awareness through all-inclusive workshops, this local community organization established in 2021 is ready to offer a life-changing service in the region for the better.