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Here is a fun workshop especially for siblings of autistic children in Cork

Having an autistic sibling presents a unique set of challenges.

Many families in Cork struggle to access adequate day-to-day support, which means family members often take on the responsibility of caring for relatives with greater physical, mental or emotional needs.

What many people may not realize is that often these caregivers are children.

That’s why the Rainbow Club Cork Center for autism is running a sibling workshop specifically for siblings of children with autism to help children deal with the challenges they face when supporting their tiny companions. .

“Our sibling workshops play a vital role in supporting families and children with autism,” a club spokesperson said.

“Siblings quite often take on the role of carer from an early age, so it’s important that they receive support to work on their personal and emotional development in a safe and understanding environment.”

The siblings will learn about autism through topics such as sensory needs and communication while learning to manage emotions such as anxiety, guilt, jealousy and isolation. The workshop runs for eight weeks at the Mahon Community Center for children aged three and over and you can register or find out more by emailing [email protected]

The club also has amazing facilities and programs for children with autism such as the Adapted Sports Program, Speech therapy, art therapy and life and mentoring programs. Visit the website to find out more.