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Hawkeye Holiday Card shows Clint & Lucky Building Arrows in workshop

Jeremy Renner from Hawkeye shares a greeting card showing Clint and Lucky assembling rigged arrows in Santa’s (or rather archer’s) workshop.

Hawk EyeJeremy Renner shared a greeting card showing Clint and Lucky assembling rigged arrows in the archer’s workshop. Marvel Studios’ latest Disney + series stars Renner, reprising his longtime MCU role from Avenger Clint Barton as he trains / teams up with Hailee Steinfeld’s superfan / archer Kate Bishop, to fight the tracksuit mafia, Maya Lopez / Echo (Alaqua Cox), and Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) himself. Hawk Eye‘s finale, “So it’s Christmas?” aired on December 22.

Strongly inspired by the comic book by Matt Fraction and David Aja, My life like a weapon, and focusing on getting Clint home for Christmas, Hawk Eye is heavily invested in its holiday setting, from snowy backdrops and twinkling lights to Christmas trees and ugly sweaters. In addition to Clint and Kate indulging in a Christmas movie marathon, the couple’s chemistry is reminiscent of Deadly weapon while its music, tone and other moments hint at holiday classics like Die hard and Alone at home. For example, in Episode 6, Clint and Kate prepare for their showdown with the tracksuits, Yelena (Florence Pugh) and Kingpin by assembling more than a handful of rigged arrows in a sequence similar to Kevin McCallister preparing for burglars in Alone at home.


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Posted on Renner’s Instagram account, the seasonal card reads “Happy Holidays from Hawkeye’s Workshop, With Lucky bringing Headless Arrows to Clint. In the lower corner of the map, we can see the tech arrows Stark and Pym, the latter playing a big (and small) role in the series. Check out the original post below.

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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said he hoped that Hawk Eye and its seasonal ties will make it a Christmas classic revisited year after year. While Shane Black is Iron man 3 incorporates elements of Christmas, many don’t see it as a Christmas story in the same vein as Hawk Eye– that embraces the ups and downs of holiday cheer at every turn. On top of that, it aired in the weeks leading up to Christmas, making its entirety available just in time for the day.

Marvel Studios and the company have created more than a few Christmas cards for Hawk Eye, and it turned out to be a perfect way to market the series. Hawk Eye It may not have been the most watched Marvel series on Disney +, but it has impressed fans with its action sequences, performances, and the introduction of new MCU characters like Echo and Kingpin, who will likely appear together. in the Echo derivative series. It remains to be seen whether Clint and Kate will be seen together again. For now, fans can revel in the artwork above all others inspired by the holidays. Hawk Eye parts on the Internet.

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Source: Jeremy Renner / Instagram

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