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Hadestown Workshop: Local students get answers to burning questions from a Broadway actor

(WFRV) – Trying to figure out what to do after high school can be difficult for some students. The struggle of college or going straight into a trade can be daunting to understand.

Fortunately, the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center (PAC) created a workshop to help answer students’ burning questions and hosted a Center Stage on Wednesday. The speaker? Nathan Salstone, actor in the Hadestown touring show.

Nathan Salstone

The students were able to participate in a Zoom call with Salstone, who works as a swing and understudy for Orpheus on the show. What does it mean to be a swing? A swing is someone who enters multiple choir and / or dance roles when someone cannot, similar to a stunt double for a main character who enters the role when the other actor / actress cannot. player.

During the workshop, students were able to ask Salstone whatever they had in mind: “How did you feel when you saw your dreams come true? “How do you keep your authenticity when entering a role?” “” How do you deal with failure? “

Local 5 was able to sit down with a Ambassador of the Center Stage Musical Theater Program, Samantha Hoefs, after the workshop and ask her what she thought of the experience.

Samantha hoefs

“I think the main topic that we kept turning on, through all of our questions, was really ‘how to find the confidence to pursue whatever our passion is’. I know for a lot of us it’s musical theater, but we also talked about our other passions – the other instruments we play, ”says Hoefs. “And I think the speaker did a really good job of addressing the importance of being passionate about something and then loving yourself and being sure enough of yourself that you have the confidence to go out and show the world what you like. “

Hoef goes on to explain that she looks forward to everything the Center Stage High School musical theater program has to offer.

“Before COVID, I went to the last in-person workshop we did here at PAC and I was so – it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was so excited to come back for the next one. I said to my Music Director, ‘Sign me up as soon as he comes out – I want to go.’ And then, of course, COVID struck so that didn’t happen. That’s why I was so happy to be an Ambassador this year. I think my favorite part – this year is being involved in the Center Stage program – is being able to be back and in person and talk to these actors and actresses who have so much wisdom to give us.

For Hoefs, she says her favorite memory so far this season would be the PAC tour in the Ambassador Workshop and walk around the locker rooms of the ensemble. “They go on and there’s, like, seven that are connected and it was so interesting to be in this maze of locker rooms and really understand the number of active parts in a single musical. And to get a behind-the-scenes look.

Students participating in the Hadestown workshop

Each student has their own reasons for joining Center Stage. Hoefs says hers happened after someone said she could learn a lot from the experience.

“I’ve been in my school’s musical, as a cast member, for two years now – I did a pit (orchestra) my sophomore year,” says Hoefs. “I was in the pit the year I did this first dance workshop here at the Center. And my manager, she knew I was in, like dancing and acting and singing and I just didn’t have time to do everything to be a member of the cast so I was more of a member of the cast. pit. And she just said, “Why don’t you just try this – see if you like this workshop.” I think you would if you find it interesting. And then I was absolutely addicted. And then after that I knew for sure that I had friends who were ambassadors in the past and I knew for sure that I wanted to be involved in this.

Ultimately, she says everything she learned on Wednesday will help her outside of the theater in her day-to-day life.

“I think what struck me the most is that – I think we all have in our minds this plan for our lives and the directions it’s going to take. And it’s usually like that general idea of, “Oh, I want to go to the theater” or “I want to do law” or “I want to be a teacher. “But I really like that he pointed out how he incorporated his other loves of instrumentation and writing into his career path,” said Hoefs. “So knowing that as a teacher you can always work in all of your other passions – as long as you are confident in pursuing those specific areas with your intended career.