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Gillco International School holds workshop on ‘Thinking Beyond Engineering’ – India Education | Latest Education News | World Education News

Gillco International School Mohali held a workshop on ‘Thinking Beyond Engineering’ on August 26th which garnered a wonderful response with over 130 students in grades 9-12 attending the workshop.

Mr. Tarun Gupta, Director of Communications and Career Guidance organized the workshop on behalf of Gillco International School and hosted Dr. Padmakumar Nair, Dean TSLAS (Thapar School of Liberal Arts and Sciences), an eminent pedagogue par excellence to address students on the subtitled topic.

Dr. Nair captivated students with his charismatic workshop delivery and led students to unconventional careers beyond engineering. He said, “Empathy is the mother of excellence and success is much more meaningful with empathy.”

He urged students to choose careers based on interest, passion and humanity and to center their lives on learning, creating and helping. Another underlying value that the student must absorb is self-improvement which is the key to a successful life.

He kept the audience actively engaged with his interactive and articulate presentation supported by engaging case studies and success stories from many greats with paradigm shifts in their illustrious careers. He also informed everyone about the different courses offered by TSLAS as well as Thapar University as well as how to get admission.

Dr. Nair responded very quickly to many questions posed by GIS students. All participating students received a certificate of participation duly signed by the guest of honour. He also invited GIS students to a physical tour of the Patiala campus.

The Principal, Mrs. Ruchi Sharma, expressed her thanks to Dr. Nair. She said: ‘It was wonderful to host Mr Nair who enriched the students with his impeccable life learning and cerebral values.

Visibly pleased, Ms. Jai Sandhu, Executive Director of GIS and mastermind behind the school’s turnaround, shared that the school was already ranked number 1 in Punjab according to the 2021 Global Leaders in Career Guidance in Education and that the school also won the Career Changemakers award for the year 2022 hosted by Career Guide.

Tarun Gupta added that the school conducts free psychometric assessments for students in grades 9-12, followed by one-on-one counseling sessions to help students make informed career decisions to build sustainable, scalable careers and compassion that will prepare them for life.