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Forum: Car wash and workshop companies are not eligible for rental relief, Forum News & Top Stories

We refer to the letter from Mr. Steve Er, “Rental Relief Denied Due to Business Address” (December 8).

The Rental Support Scheme (RSS) is intended to assist eligible tenant-occupants of eligible commercial properties during phase two (enhanced alert).

The list of qualifying commercial properties is available on the website of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras).

Mr. Er operates a car wash business and workshops at gas stations.

We would like to clarify that ancillary services for gas stations such as car washes and auto shops do not fall under the list of qualifying commercial properties under RSS.

Over 80 percent of eligible businesses received their first and second RSS payments automatically in August and September respectively.

Small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits that are eligible but did not receive payment automatically could apply to IRAS by October 15 and November 12 for the respective RSS payments.

Iras strives to process the majority of RSS applications within two months of receiving complete information from applicants.

We thank Mr. Er for the opportunity to clarify the matter.

Kelly wee

Director (Corporate Communication)

Singapore’s Inland Revenue Authority