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Eskom organizes a two-day workshop on business empowerment for entrepreneurs

Friday January 21, 2022: The Eskom Development Foundation (ESDEF) will organize a national Business Connect workshop for entrepreneurs from February 3-4, 2022.

The Business Connect Workshop is a two-day seminar aimed at coaching entrepreneurs in business skills, while providing them with a platform to network with industry experts and other entrepreneurs. It follows the Eskom Business Investment Competition (BIC) awards ceremony in December, where winners in various categories were announced. The workshop will host participants from BIC 2019, 2020 and 2021, as well as last year’s winners of the Simama Ranta High School Entrepreneurship Competition.

The first day of the Business Connect workshop will focus on skills development, covering topics such as financial management, digital marketing, branding and business strategies to build a winning team. Day two will focus on networking and business exposure, where finalists will have a platform to showcase their product offerings. Panel discussions will focus on building sustainable businesses, as well as financial and non-financial government support available to small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs).

“Access to finance remains a major hurdle for small businesses, especially with the unfavorable economic climate of the pandemic that has made investors and financiers more risk averse over the past two years. Thanks to the Business Connect workshop, Eskom aims to help SMEs by orienting them as entrepreneurs to help them navigate the complex business environment.The platform also provides them with networking opportunities as well as exposure to business leaders. companies that have had similar experiences,” said Cecil Ramonotsi, CEO of ESDEF.

Top industry experts will address entrepreneurs, and representatives from government institutions such as the Department of Small Business Development, the Small Business Finance Agency (SEFA) and the Small Business Development Agency (SEDA) will be part of a roundtable on programs and resources targeting SMEs.

“While many funding opportunities are available for the small business sector, assessment criteria often prevent SMEs from taking advantage of them. The Business Connect Workshop provides a platform to engage with such complexities to ensure entrepreneurs become by the way with the intricacies of the loan, in order to approach the process differently and in a way that will enable their participation in the future,” said Nthato Minyuku, Eskom Group Director for Government and Regulatory Affairs.


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