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EPA to host 2-day workshop on GHG modeling for biofuels

The US EPA has announced that it will host a virtual public workshop on greenhouse gas (GHG) modeling for biofuels from February 28 to March 1. plant biofuels used in the transport sector.

Information gathered from the event will be used to inform a range of current and future actions, including EPA’s methodology for quantifying GHGs under the Renewable Fuels Standard. Through the workshop, the agency said it will launch a public process to seek feedback on how to incorporate the best available science into an update to our biofuel life cycle assessment. The event will also help the agency determine the next steps to be taken in this area of ​​work.

The EPA specifically invites public comments on existing data sources and how they can be used to inform the assumptions underlying the GHG estimates; how to best characterize the sources of uncertainty related to the quantification of GHG emissions associated with biofuels; and what models are available to assess the life cycle GHG emissions of terrestrial biofuels and whether these models meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act to quantify the direct and significant indirect emissions of biofuels.

The workshop is hosted by the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality in consultation with the USDA and the US Department of Energy. The agency will also accept written comments until April 1. Additional information, including a link to register for the two-day workshop, is available on the EPA website.