Workshop topics

Engraving, welding demonstrations offered at the workbench workshop

Stuller will host its annual Bench Jeweler workshop at its global headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, April 8-9.
Photo courtesy Stuller

After a two-year hiatus, Stuller is set to welcome its Bench Jeweler workshop, offering both hands-on and classroom training for jewelers looking to hone their skills.

The two-day event features lessons and demonstrations exploring a range of topics, including:

  • apply special finishes;
  • 3D printing;
  • laser engraving; and
  • fusion and laser welding.

“Bench Jeweler Workshop is the ultimate educational and networking event for bench jewelers,” says Belit Myers, senior vice president of tools, metals and discoveries. “After two years, we’re excited to bring it back with several new classes and live demos.”

The event will also feature the fifth annual Battle of the Benches competition.

“We haven’t had such a large event since 2019 and we’re thrilled to welcome our customers back to Stuller,” says the company’s Director of Events, Lauren Kessler. “The Bench Jeweler Workshop weekend will not only be educational, but motivating for all involved.”

The program will be held April 8-9 at Stuller’s global headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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