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Emirates Golf Body Officially Participates in Open World Workshop

Dubai: The R&A, organizers of the 150th Open in St Andrews, Scotland, this week invited the Emirates Golf Federation and all other Global Affiliates to attend an Affiliate Workshop during Championship week.

The aim of the workshop is to give the EGF and all R&A affiliates the opportunity to come together to meet and network with other golf federations around the world and share ideas and challenges from the global golf industry.

Robert Fiala, Operations and Marketing Director, representing EGF, commented from St Andrews: future marketing and development strategies around the game of golf.

”A hot topic of the workshop was the health benefits of golf and how golf is good for everyone. Additionally, the workshop discussed how the digital footprint of technology is developing the sport of golf.

The R&A has 159 affiliates who operate in 144 countries around the world to develop and support the sport. Most of these affiliates are the national governing bodies of golf in each respective country, some are pan-continental organizations, others represent professional golf.