Workshop method

“Ebdaa Bahrain” co-organizes a workshop in Jordan on SME management

Microfinance company Ebdaa Bahrain co-organized a training workshop titled “SME Strategic Planning and Development of Financial Expectations”.

The workshop was organized under the supervision of the Microfinance Unit of the Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND) and in collaboration with the National Bank for SME Financing in Jordan. For seven days, executives working in the field of microfinance from Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Mauritania participated.

“The mission of this workshop was to advance the knowledge and expertise of Arab executives in the field of strategic planning for the microfinance sector, in line with AGFUND’s objectives to promote regional growth, develop more start-ups -ups and expand job opportunities.” According to Ebdaa CEO Dr. Khalid Al Ghazzawi.

Dr. Al Ghazzawi., who supervised the workshop, added that the involvement of Bahrain in this workshop, whether through the organization or the physical presence of the executives of the Ebdaa company, embodies the development of the sector of microfinance in Bahrain as the first Gulf country to join “AGFUND”, as well as the cumulative experiences of the Kingdom in this sector for almost 12 years. Furthermore, he presented successful examples of Bahrainis who had expanded and grown their businesses even outside of Bahrain thanks to soft loans from Ebdaa Company.

“We focused on teaching participants how to strategically plan their organizations, researching the environment around the institution, including legislation, regulations and market conditions, as well as assessing the institution itself. itself, the performance of its staff, the financing products it offers, its strengths and weaknesses, and develop an overall strategy over three to five years, said Dr Al Ghazzawi.

Dr. Al Ghazzawi affirmed that other topics of the workshop were covered, covering analysis of functions needed by the microfinance institution, strategies for adding new branches, managing expenses, extracting and financial statement analysis, how to develop a loan specialist’s portfolio and how best to move loan amounts in the market. Furthermore, he mentioned that Mr. Sameh Al-Maharik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Tanmia” network, a network that brings together all the microfinance institutions in Jordan, awarded diplomas to the participants of the workshop at the outcome of it.