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Didsbury Council remuneration policy has been updated to include workshop remuneration

A council policy was made clearer recently as to what was claimable and what was not by members of Didsbury Town Council

DIDSBURY- The Board approved an updated and simplified compensation policy to clarify certain areas that were deemed unclear by a review committee.

The decision was made by motion at the recent regular council meeting, held in person and on YouTube.

The Policy and Governance Committee recently reviewed and recommended revisions to Board Compensation Policy 004-22.

The review board compensation section now reads: “In an election year, the board shall undertake a thorough review of this policy and make any revisions it deems appropriate for them to take effect. at the start of the next term.”

One update is per diems, which now includes a section that reads: “In addition to honorarium, Board members will be compensated for their attendance at Board workshops and Board committee meetings.”

Com. Bill Windsor was on the committee that reviewed the policy.

“Part of what we’re trying to do here and one of my main concerns when we were looking at this is trying to make it clear what was claimable and what wasn’t,” said Windsor.

“It is also a living document. If we find that there are things that are not addressed or that are not clear enough, we will come back to them. It’s something we can revisit as often as necessary in order to make it work the way it’s supposed to work.

Appendix A – Policy Council Remuneration outlines the type and frequency of remuneration for 2022, which includes monthly fees of $2,377 for the mayor, $1,410 for the deputy mayor and $1,410 for the councillors. The daily hourly rate, up to a maximum of $257 per day including travel time, is $37.60 for the mayor, deputy mayor and councillors.

In the meantime, the board also approved an update to the board’s professional development policy stating the “need for educated, informed and motivated board members.”

The updated policy statement now reads, in part, as follows: “Necessary training and development opportunities are necessary to ensure an innovative and competent board that is responsible for developing policies and regulations that ensure effective and efficient functioning of the municipality”.

The policy defines professional development as “annual conventions, conferences, courses, seminars, workshops, orientation sessions and other educational opportunities related to municipal governance”.

Under the policy, administration will provide the board with a list of professional development opportunities available in the coming year.

Nine principles are set out in the policy, including that “the Board supports the principle of financial accountability by using standard accommodations, travel, and timely registrations and cancellations. To this end, the administration will reserve the appropriate registrations, accommodation and travel. »

The updated policy also states that “Council members shall report to council on their professional development experiences, either in writing or verbally, at a council meeting, and the city is not responsible for any expenses that do not are unrelated to the board member’s professional development. activity, including the purchase of alcohol or spousal/partner attendance fees. »

The full updated policies, which come into effect in August, can be viewed on the city’s website.