Workshop course

Create your story with writer Anam Sufi’s online workshop

A writer and literature enthusiast, Anam Sufi offers her expertise to all aspiring writers on the World Wide Web. An internationally published writer, Sufi’s works have appeared in Makers Movement, Midnight Tales and BBC Radio, and now calls on budding writers to perfect their prose from any corner of the world through his online workshop.

From April 19-21, Sufi is hosting an introductory online writing session for aspiring writers over the age of 16 called “Fundamentals of Storytelling.” The workshop is designed for anyone who wants to explore their creative potential through a course that focuses on the components of a focused and compelling narrative.

The workshop will be based on three main pillars, namely: “purpose and perspective”, “setting and structure” and “voice and character development”. Each class will be divided into three Zoom sessions, with 45 minutes of teaching, 15 minutes of in-class writing, and 30 minutes at the end of each session for questions and comments. After each session, students will receive take-home suggestions to help them apply what they’ve learned and unleash their creativity.

Each student is invited to submit a text (maximum of 1000 words) to the instructor at the end of each workshop. They will then receive editing notes and reviews for that specific article. Each class starts at noon and lasts up to two hours and costs EGP 1,200 per person. To register, send a message to @clickstories.