Workshop method

Climate Change Secretariat concludes workshop for 3 sectors

The workshops covered 3 sectors – energy, agriculture and forestry, exploring what should go to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and elaborating on some of the policy actions that need to be taken.

The data used for the existing models and the quantification exercises were presented on the three sectors by different experts and discussed by the participants.

In order to put into practice the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement, countries are invited to formulate and communicate “long-term, low greenhouse gas emission development strategies” (LT-LEDS) , also known as long-term strategies (LTS). These are visionary plans to achieve low-carbon and climate-resilient societies by 2050.

Momodou Mbye Jabang, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources (MECCNAR) in his closing remarks described the engagement as a very important step in the LTS development process, adding that the meeting was duly considered by the participants. as expected.

Some key elements emerged that high-level decision-makers need to take seriously, highlighting that the timely collection of data and its availability in The Gambia should be reviewed.

“We need to take data issues seriously and close the data gap,” he added, saying, “we won’t be taken seriously if we don’t take our data issues seriously.”

PS Jabang, however, was pleased with the level of participation of the participants, noting that they looked forward to the sectoral workshops of tourism, transport and waste management as his ministry moves forward with the development of the LTS.

“We still want to maintain our leadership position in publishing very strong papers when it comes to climate change reflecting our accomplishments with the NDC,” he also said.

He added that since the launch of the LTS process after COP26, their goal is to have a full LTS document by COP27, noting that so far the deadlines they set have been met and they hope to stay on track.

Juldeh Ceesay, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Projects, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (MOFEA), representing the Permanent Secretary of MOFEA, said the recent IPCC report confirms that Africa is the most vulnerable to climate change according to all indicators, which reminds us all that we must act now, to protect our economy and our communities from the impending climate emergency.

She urged the three sectors to ensure synergies and linkages between the upcoming national development plan focusing on green recovery and the long-term vision (Vision 2050) as well as the long-term strategy.

She said the alignments and synergies are an important step towards more coordinated implementation of the Paris Agreement and lay the foundation for whole-of-government approaches to address the country’s climate crisis.

She further stated that her Minister will also support the full integration of LTS into the country’s national strategies and policies, better supporting community needs and priorities as well as resource mobilization.

The event was moderated by Ebrima Jawara, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Finance and Administration of MECCNAR and National Coordinator of LTS and moderated by Alpha Jallow, Director of Climate Change Secretariat, Francis Mendy, Director of Planning Department at Ministry of Agriculture, Mohammed Jaiteh, Director of Forestry and Dr Adama Gassama Jallow from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Among the participants were Professor Dr.Makie Taal, Vice Chancellor of American International University West Africa, Dr. Demba Jallow, Director General of the National Institute of Agricultural Research, Musa Sowe President of NACOFAG, Beatrice Mboge CEO of the Gambia Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Online participants included Hassan Jallow, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lamin Mai Touray, Director of the Department of Water Resources, MicolSalmeri of 2050 Pathways Platform and Elaine Harty of the International Institute for Environment and Development .