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Clarksburg Hosts Full Planning Workshop

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The City of Clarksburg is hosting a series of meetings with the community to get their input on the comprehensive plan.

Wednesday evening’s meeting was held at North View Elementary where residents of Heartland, Stealey and Adamston, along with North View, wrote about what was good in the communities and what needed improvement regarding land use, transportation, housing, recreation, historic preservation and economic development over the next 10 years. All comments will be grouped into categories and summarized to understand community trends and topics of importance.

“This round is all about listening and getting feedback from residents. The next step will be to come up with potential solutions or ideas on how we can address some of the challenges that have been raised,” said Christian Umbach, planner and planner at Environmental Planning and Design.

Continuing the discussion, the next meeting will be held in front of the downtown municipal building on Friday, May 6 at 6 and 8 p.m. to discuss the Glen Elk and Downtown neighborhoods.

West Virginia state code requires that a comprehensive plan be updated every ten years. A comprehensive plan is a public process that provides the community with an opportunity to explore and direct development to meet the future needs of their communities.