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Blockchain company HK UD launches campaign of NFT art creation workshops

Hong Kong-based blockchain and security solutions provider UD will launch a campaign in collaboration with the Arts For Good Foundation, hoping to offer new perspectives on how young people view art and culture. technology.

The campaign will run from December 22 to 30. Arts For Good Foundation will organize a series of Experimental Art Workshops where students’ collaborative works will be turned into NFT at the NFT OpenSea Marketplace, supported by the UD professional team. The campaign also hopes to create impact and new values ​​in the blockchain world.

“As technology continues to transform the way we live, we are proud to be the leader who continually introduces innovative technologies applied to our customers, partners; and fostering interest and understanding of the technology in the local community. Through this unique initiative, we hope to inspire young people to think about what blockchain technology and art might intersect and make an impact in the world, ”said Eric Fan, CEO of UD.

With the rise of blockchain technology, artists around the world have started to take advantage of NFTs to create and promote art. UD believes that NFT is an innovative breakthrough and game changer. The integration of art and technology could be the future of the art industry.

The fan added, “We believe that blockchain will be the trend in the years to come. Through NFT art, it helps people take the first step to enter the world of blockchain. NFT art does n It’s just the beginning, people are encouraged to continue to explore the limitless possibilities this innovative blockchain technology is being brought to our lives. “

Amanda Sun, Founder of the Arts For Good Foundation, explained, “The creative process will emphasize our individual feelings, as well as the solidarity, respect and collaboration between them. By integrating technology, we give them a new perspective to understand what art and technology could be created to make an impact in the blockchain world. “

She added, “We are grateful for the opportunity to develop our students’ work on NFT. We aim to promote a diverse and inclusive community in Hong Kong on the new platform. The collection of works of art is intended to reflect the individual and collective aspect of our future society. “