Workshop method

Bedaya organizes the workshop ‘Digitalizing your business’

The Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development, a joint initiative of Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, in collaboration with Innovation Café, organized a workshop entitled “Digitizing your business” to highlight the importance of digital transformation for projects and businesses.

The two-day workshop aimed to encourage digital transformation in the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector, as well as startups and home-based businesses by highlighting the basic concepts of this vital process, its challenges and its social and economic impact on businesses. development.
The workshop focused on the mechanism of digital transformation for startups, SMEs and home businesses by analyzing and assessing the readiness of each project, in addition to the features and tools required for these projects.
The workshop also allowed participants to familiarize themselves with the customer management system, the methodology of digital transformation and its vitality for the prosperity and development of their projects.
Hamad al-Qahtani, Managing Director of Bedaya Center, said: “The digital transformation process responds to most of the current reality we live in today, as this process aims to increase the efficiency of SMEs, startups and home businesses by saving them time and effort and using data in a sophisticated and more efficient way.
“This ensures the continuity of these projects and helps establish institutions that adapt flexibly to technological changes in the business world and keep pace with the needs of customers and entrepreneurs.”
He added: “Businesses of all sizes urgently need to keep pace with new and innovative developments that have changed the way consumers think and behave, as most businesses provide support to their customers. via social networks, or offer their products and solutions through technological applications, or even digital means of payment, which reflects the importance of digital transformation for the activity of our local entrepreneurs.