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BALCO organizes a leadership workshop to train high-potential employees

Balconagar: Bharat Aluminum Company (BALCO), India’s iconic aluminum producer, recently hosted a workshop for its female leadership. The objective of the organization of the workshop was to upgrade the skills of female employees in accordance with BALCO’s best practice approach. During the training session, participants were edified on the modus operandi of developing futuristic projects specific to their fields and received insightful contributions from panelists to work to increase BALCO’s contribution to creating a sustainable future. .

The workshop provided an excellent platform for participants to take on leadership roles in the organization and they were encouraged to share their disruptive and innovative ideas regarding the organization’s positive contribution to society. Following the theme of “Green growth”, growth consistent with the preservation of the environment, the function has been organized in an environmentally friendly way because it adheres to the “Zero use of plastic” policy.

Speaking about BALCO’s vision to nurture talent and protect the environment, Abhijit Pati, CEO and Director of BALCO, said, “Diversity in the workplace introduces new perspectives and ideas that further improve problem-solving and decision-making processes. We are committed to fostering a diverse culture in our workplace and to ensuring the growth and development of the organization. make our employees aware of Vedanta’s ESG objectives.

The special guest of the workshop was Meenakshi Bala Verma, AGM & HOD Maintenance and Planning, NTPC Korba. Sharing her point of view, Ms Verma said: “It is commendable that BALCO is taking strong action for the female members of its team to motivate them to take on leadership roles within the organization. Our professional women are also empowered to contribute to the development of the nation as a whole. Such workshops help women on their journey to become good and competent leaders. “

BALCO continually strives to engage and connect female leaders with all members of management through regular communication meetings. BALCO is ready to be ready for the future by creating an inclusive environment for the female workforce, in line with the same vision that BALCO has rolled out a campaign to offer higher roles to its recognized employees. The company holds regular communication meetings with industry leaders and implements Vedanta’s unique mentorship programs, such as V Lead, for its female workforce to gain new information and insight. better preparation. BALCO has championed a diverse work culture and with its many new age learning and growth opportunities, it creates a strong platform for empowering women to break glass ceilings.

Bharat Aluminum Company Limited (BALCO) is India’s iconic aluminum producer. It is 49% owned by the Indian government and 51% owned by Vedanta Limited. BALCO is part of Vedanta’s Aluminum Business, a division of Vedanta Limited, which is India’s largest aluminum manufacturer. BALCO operates an aluminum smelter of 0.57 million tonnes per year in Korba, Chhattisgarh. It is also a leader in value-added aluminum products that find critical applications in basic industries. With its world-class foundry and power plants, the company fulfills its mission to stimulate emerging applications of aluminum as the “Metal of the Future” for a greener future.

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India RSE I December 28, 2021