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Awareness workshop on thalassemia organized

HYDERABAD – An awareness workshop on thalassemia and its treatment was held at the Liaquat University Hospital (civilian hospital) in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

A large number of doctors from various departments, especially pediatrics, attended the workshop while the senior hematologist, Dr Ghulam Nabi Kakepoto, participated via video link.

Dr Kakepoto said that the prevalence of thalassemia is increasing in Pakistan and also shared updated information on thalassemia and its treatment.

LU Hospital Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr Mubashir Ali Kolachi said that a ward equipped with modern facilities has been installed at Hyderabad-owned Hospital for Children with Thalassemia Tando Muhammad Khan, Matiari, Nawabshah, Dadu and other districts of Sindh.

No less than 850 children with thalassemia are registered in the ward and they are treated with medication while the blood transfusion is provided to them by the hospital blood bank, said Dr Kolachi and added that the ward of thalassemia was created on special directives from the Provincial Minister of Health, Dr Azra Pechoho. He said that it was very difficult for the poor to get treatment for a contagious disease like thalassemia and that for this reason free medicines and treatments as well as ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound and other tests of pathology are also available free of charge in this service. Director Admin Abdul Sattar Jatoi congratulated the organizers and encouraged the public to raise awareness about thalassemia more, as it is one of the most important topics, but unfortunately ignored.

Chief Pathologist Dr Muhammad Haroon Memon gave a detailed lecture on thalassemia.