Workshop training

Aswan International Women’s Film Festival Workshop Training Program Launches February 6

File: Participants at the Aswan International Women’s Film Festival.

The workshop training program of the Aswan International Women’s Film Festival was launched on February 6.

The AIWFF workshop is considered the largest training program in Egyptian festivals, as it includes 255 girls, youths and children, 70% of whom are girls, and the training hours reach 180 hours.

The first part of the workshop program started with the workshops “Film Making” and “Film Making Techniques” (New Aswan Cinema Project) under the supervision of screenwriter Wissam Soliman, director Yasser Naim and director Nada Rizk, while that the second part of the workshops will begin with the start of the sixth edition of the festival which will be held from February 23 to 28.

AIWFF workshop director Sayed Aly said this year’s workshop program supports the training of 70 girls from Aswan and Upper Egypt, and also supports the production of films for graduation projects. of student studies, which will be presented in a special program for workshop films during the activities of the sixth edition, and these films will compete for the first time with other films that have been produced by institutions at the interior of Egypt to expand the circle of knowledge and advantages based on experience and practical training.

Aly added that the second part of the training workshop program of the Aswan International Women’s Film Festival, which will start with the launch of the festival, includes 4 workshops: “Actor Guidance” workshop under the supervision of artist Salwa Mohamed Ali, “Story before script” workshop under the direction of director Dalia Bassiouni, “Animation and element” workshop. Al-Bishri” under the direction of Dr. Ashraf Mahdi, and the workshop “Animation and Cinema for Children” under the direction of artist Ibrahim Saad, and those accepted into the second part of the workshops will be announced during the second half of February, and a special prize will be awarded to the best team that participated in the workshop program this year.

The program will conclude its activities on February 27 with a ceremony that will bring together all partners, supporters and participants.