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Association of Private Security Practitioners Holds Health Workshop for its Members in Oyo State

The Association of Licensed Private Security Practitioners of Nigeria (ALPSPN) in Oyo State held a health workshop on Wednesday as part of its efforts to improve the health and safety of its members.

Speaking at the workshop held to educate security practitioners on a telemedicine platform with easy access to health services at Rotary Home, Iyaganku, Ibadan, guest speaker, Managing Director of Online Health Company Limited, Dr. Temitope Farombi, who spoke on the topic, “Digital Access to Health and Safety”, explained that the benefit of the workshop is to introduce security practitioners to ways to use technology to improve their health as well as the health of their staff for optimal performance.

“The e-health company is a telemedicine platform that enables easy access to health services using technology and we have brought it to introduce to private security practitioners in Oyo State so that they can see what is available to them using technology to improve their health and the health of their staff for improved health and optimal performance.

“With your phone, you can easily access doctors without having to travel from place to place, thus reducing the waiting time. Also with your phone you can buy medicine, you can make your test booking and it gives you easy access and makes it seamless for you.


“Another benefit is that we are providing insurance to them through the Oyo State Insurance Platform so that they can give all their staff, make sure they are safe and can always contact their doctor permanently in case of need.

“The mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or the AppStore and gives you access to over 40 doctors in 28 specialties at once,” she said.

Meanwhile, the president of the association, Mr. Seyi Alaba, revealed that some of their members in remote places do not have access to health centers and hospitals, hence the reason why the organization partners with Ohealth.

“Due to the nature of our work, most of the time you see security guards on their feet from morning to night, they have to be active. We decided to look at their health status and what can be done for some of them who are in remote places where they don’t even have access to primary health care centers.

“When we heard about Ohealth, we contacted them to come and give us health advice, we thought it was going to be very useful for members in rural and urban areas because most of them have smartphones, then they can access doctors through their phones.This will also help them maintain their health.

“During the COVID-19 lockdown, we have hospitals but we couldn’t access them. A lot of people were sick, they didn’t know what to do, and we know how bad self-medication can be. With this, we hope that the product packaging will solve a problem with regard to health concerns concerning our agents,” he said.

The health company also conducted physical examinations and blood pressure tests on the security professionals present.

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Association of Private Security Practitioners Holds Health Workshop for its Members in Oyo State