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Arts and wellness workshop helps empower women in Tobago


From Broken to Beautiful TT organizers and facilitators of arts and wellness workshops (from left to right) Onika Mars, founder of Woman of Substance, Arveon Prout, director of Chosen Hands, Jason Hadley, director of operations of Waves Restaurant and Bar, Anika Plowden-Corentin, Creative Director of Chosen Hands, Artist Terri Osborne and Aleah Guitan of Trinitica International –

Chosen Hands, Women of Substance and Trinitica International held an art and wellness workshop titled From Broken to Beautiful II last Saturday at Waves Restaurant and Bar, Black Rock, Tobago.

Domestic violence survivors, health professionals, social workers, leaders of youth and women’s groups, and migrants from the Latino community of Tobago participated in the workshop.

The initiative was designed by Anika Plowden-Corentin of Chosen Hands and was the third in a series of gender initiatives by the NGO to support, empower and inspire vulnerable groups.

A participant takes part in an arts and wellness workshop at Waves Restaurant and Bar, Black Rock, Tobago, on Saturday. –

The Waves Restaurant and Bar provided the perfect backdrop for attendees to receive the workshop topics. The soothing sounds of the waves provided restoration and rejuvenation to mind, body and soul.

Jason Hadley, Operations Manager of Waves Restaurant and Bar, Grand Courlan and Spa and Grafton Beach Resort, said: “The hotel chain was delighted to support such a timely and worthy cause to help vulnerable groups in the community. .

The session was guided by Chosen Hands director Arveon Prout and began with a mindful meditation by fibromyalgia activist and artist Terri Osborne. Author, designer and member of the Friends of Botanic Gardens TT, Serina Hearn was an inspirational speaker. Hearn used the butterfly analogy as a symbol of hope and actualization of human potential for transformation, despite life’s challenges. A painting and inspiration session was then led by Anika Plowden-Corentin, Creative Director of Chosen Hands, who encouraged the women to tap into their inner selves to unleash their creative expression.

One of the paintings from an arts and wellness workshop on Saturday. –

The workshop ended with an expression of gratitude from Onika Mars, founder of Women of Substance, who inspired participants to open their minds to new ways of navigating turbulent times in their lives. Overall, the occasion provided a safe space where the women in attendance creatively aired their concerns on sensitive topics, relaxed in the therapeutic ambience of the venue, while recovering pockets of peace and well-being. .

Aleah Guitan of Trinitica International helped bring participants from the Latin American community into the workshop. Trinitica International specializes in academic and cultural immersion programs. The organization also facilitates the teaching of Spanish and English as a foreign language. Programs are offered for children to adult professionals.

Plowden-Corentin said: “As children we use art and creativity to make sense of our world, somewhere along the way in life we ​​have lost that connection. These sessions allow us to reconnect with our core, our authentic selves.

The organizers thanked the gold sponsor COLFIRE, Waves Bar and Restaurant and Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort.

For inquiries about supporting Chosen Hands arts and wellness programs and initiatives, contact Anika Plowden-Corentin at 787-8937 or [email protected]