Workshop course

Applications are now open for the Global Health Research Collaborative’s Summer Institute – [email protected]

The Global Health Research Collaborative, which seeks to extend quality global health education to local and overseas professionals early in their careers, is now accepting applications for the 2022 session.

The Global Health Research Collaborative, offered by Wayne State University School of Medicine, strives to develop a network of highly qualified global health researchers who will conduct research to improve health, build capacity, and evaluate and monitor interventions based on evidence for health problems in their own country.

“The collaboration aims to raise awareness that it is crucial for young researchers to develop international collaboration, to conduct ethical research, to acquire knowledge to take action and to highlight the importance of research in global health for graduate students,” said director Vijaya Kumar, MD, MPH, associate professor of emergency medicine.

The GHRC was created to ensure the facilitation of global health research through a global network that offers distinct advantages. These include supervising research under the direction of people who sociologically understand their community, making it easy to communicate and connect among professionals globally, and developing unique research teaching platforms. in global health that offer an unprecedented level of hands-on training.

The workshop will be taught by faculty from Wayne State University and health care facilities such as Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Health System. The workshop will provide participants with a substructure of global health research, encourage communication between faculty and participants, create a global network for faculty and researchers to connect, and develop leaders who will guide and assist in development of future collaborative work. The curriculum will be presented in a broad to specific manner, which includes an introduction to core content that covers the foundations of research which includes, but is not limited to, clinical designs, library sciences, and epidemiology . The workshop will move on to more specific specialty topics such as emergency medicine, maternal and child health, behavioral health, and communicable diseases.

Prior to the course, participants will complete a series of online preparatory course modules requiring approximately 10-12 self-paced hours. During the live interactive sessions, students will participate in case studies, discussions, lectures, exchange experiences with colleagues and apply the skills learned through the online courses. Problem solving will be done in group sessions.

The GHRC team will organize the summer workshop through an online course platform called Thinkific from June 27 to August 13. All workshop-related activities, including streaming video lectures, mentoring meetings, synchronous sessions with faculty, and networking events, will be hosted by the GHRC team within the Thinkific platform. The cost of the workshop for a single candidate is $249. There are several scholarships available to cover some course fees for participants from outside the United States, especially from low- and middle-income countries.