Workshop method

A guest author hosts a workshop at the local university

JACKSON, Tenn. – The people of West Tennesse jumped at the chance to learn from an author.

Author and poet Marcus Wicker traveled to the University of Memphis Lambuth on Saturday for a workshop.

“One of the roles of the poet is not just to write on the page, but to kind of get the message out to people, whether it’s through a workshop or reading, you know that the poetry is an aural art form and that kind of deserves to be sung,” Wicker said.

Wicker says the workshop taught participants about ode, a poem of praise or celebration, and invective, which is anger, criticism and denunciation.

Wicker says he wanted attendees to know that the bridge between them isn’t too wide, and that’s the way to present the language.

He says he hopes those present will remember that poetry is alive.

“Poetry lives beyond books, that it has the ability to change people and change the way we think, whether it’s politics or love, that there are different types of poetry and that it’s beneficial beyond academia,” says Wicker.

Wicker is the author of “Silencer” and “Perhaps the Saddest Thing”.

You can learn more from Wicker in his books and from his website.

Wicker’s visit was part of the Griot Collective of West Tennessee’s guest writer series.