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4th Line Theater to host online storytelling workshop next month

MILLBROOK – For the 4th Line Theater’s first event in its upcoming 30th anniversary season, the Millbrook Theater Company will be hosting a weekend-long online storytelling workshop led by acclaimed Vancouver-based writer and storyteller Deb Williams.

Over a two-day period – from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on January 22 and 23 – attendees will draw on Williams’ decades of experience to acquire the tools necessary to create and share compelling stories.

Williams, actor, producer, director, playwright, storyteller and accomplished storytelling teacher, is the producer and host of ‘The Flame’, a monthly storytelling series in Vancouver with ramifications in Victoria, New Westminster, the Valley of the ‘Okanagan and elsewhere. Williams is one of the creators and stars of “Mom’s the Word”, a popular comedy trilogy beloved by fans around the world.

In 2018, she worked with 4th Line Theater to direct a production of “Crow Hill: A Telephone Play” by Ian McLachlan and Robert Winslow.

After the ‘inclusive and united’ workshop is over, participants will be invited to read and share their stories at a virtual event hosted by Zoom, which will be broadcast live on 4th Line Theater’s YouTube channel on January 28.

“Deb Williams is a great storyteller,” said Kim Blackwell, Executive Artistic Director of 4th Line Theater.

“The first time she told one of her stories on the farm, I almost fell to the ground. The images she created are still with me. This business is all about stories and Deb is the master storyteller who works with people who are eager to turn their lived experiences into compelling oral histories.

“Good storytelling is not easy,” said Williams.

“But with instruction, listening and rehearsal, anyone can do it. And with practice, good storytellers grow to be great. I love the stories that 4th Line brings to the scene. And the point is, everyone has stories. Especially the people who say “Oh, I don’t have one” – these are the stories I love to hear. “

The workshop aims to equip participants with the skills to create a story and the ability to tell stories in front of an audience.

The online course is open to beginners, intermediate and advanced storytellers.

The $ 80 workshop registration fee, which includes service charges and taxes, can be purchased by phone at 705-932-4445, toll free at 800-814-0055, online at or at the 4th Line Theater box office at 4 Tupper Street in Millbrook.

After registering, participants will receive a Zoom link the day before the session begins.

Limited places are available.

Brendan Burke is a reporter for The Examiner. His reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative. Contact him at [email protected]