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4/5 counselors don’t show up for Juvenile Curfew Ordinance Workshop |

A workshop due to take place early Friday morning was cut short after four of the five councilors failed to show up. This workshop was going to address some of the upcoming items for the June City Council meeting, the most notable of which is the draft curfew ordinance for minors.

Several city employees, community figures and members of the public came out that morning to join in the discussion, so much so that additional chairs had to be acquired to ensure everyone had a seat. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the majority of practicing advisers.

Councilor Wayne Edwards of Dist. Notice provided in advance that he had recently undergone surgery and was recovering at the time. Councilor Pam Bloxom of Dist. E did not attend as a vacation was scheduled during the time scheduled for the meeting. No explanation was given by advisers Terika Williams-Walker of Dist. B or Vincen Bradford of Dist. C to explain why they did not come.

The proposed curfew was a hot topic for city council a few months ago, but talk about it fell flat after multiple failed attempts to push the ordinance through monthly council meetings. The subject took a second breath when, at the May City Council meeting, Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper was asked to give details of a recent break-in involving several minors that took place late in at night / early in the morning.

Councilor Michael Roy of Dist. D, after hearing the chief elaborate on the incident, replied, “Mayor, I would ask you to call a workshop for the council, including the chief and Sherb, our city court judge, because honestly, I think we have to review the curfew that’s a priority that I think we’ve left out as a council, and I really think that needs to be addressed, because these kids are getting younger and attracting trouble,” Roy said. “I just think it needs to be done and there’s no need to put it aside anymore.”

Councilor Pam Bloxom of Dist. E also chose to echo some of Roy’s concerns, but was quick to blame the three remaining councilors for their failure to pass the ordinance.

“Yet three of our own council members refused to vote for this much-needed order. This evening, I officially declare that I have supported this draft ordinance each time it has been put to a vote. Going forward, not me, not Michael Roy, not Mayor Gardner, but the other councilors will have blood on their hands when young people in Minden are involved in local killings,” Bloxom said at the council meeting. may municipal.

The workshop due to be held early Friday morning would have given councilors the opportunity to further discuss the Juvenile Curfew Ordinance and, ideally, reach agreement on a version of it that would pass. by the council. However, with only one councilor present, the attendance did not meet the minimum requirements for a quorum, and therefore the meeting could not take place.